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Programs of HOPE

Justice Dawn Beam, co-chair of the Commission on Children's Justice, gives an update on Programs of Hope. 

Justice Dawn Beam

Hope Prayer Video

The MCCJ established a new working-group model in the summer of 2020 to strategically target the most pressing risk factors for families at risk of child welfare investigations. Five multi-disciplinary subcommittees were established in an effort called “Programs of HOPE.” The effort is in line with the focus on hope which the MCCJ is prioritizing throughout the child welfare system. To learn more about it, visit our page about the MCCJ Blueprint.

Each group includes members who represent, lead, or specialize in the HOPE focus areas:

Housing and Transportation;

Opportunities for Treatment;

Parent, Child and Family Supports;

Economic Security.

Through creative thinking and collective problem solving, leaders will work together to identify and recommend actions which can fill gaps, strengthen opportunities, and lift up Mississippi families to a place where they can see a path toward a brighter future. Each subcommittee will define focus area goals and ways to measure progress towards those goals. With a supportive structure and common direction, these subcommittees all possess the capacity to direct the execution of strategies for maximum positive impact on vulnerable children and families in the state.

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